Issues in your Tissues

A friend of ours from Maui, Denise La Barre, LMT, has published a book which we recommend to our clients. Issues in Your Tissues is a book about becoming more whole. Through stories, shared wisdom, and exercises that help you integrate and realign physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of yourself, the book explores emotion as a key factor in pain, illness, and disease, and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms you experience.

Mouth Matters

Your mouth is to your body as a canary is to a coal mine. They both signal underlying trouble. This book teaches you how your mouth ages your body and what YOU can do about it. By Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH.

Na'auao Ola Hawaii

Native Hawaiian writer, Maka'ala Yates, shares timeless wisdom and practical tools for vibrant health from the forgotten Hawaiian past. The deeper 'aumakua principles deal with the idea that matter, mind, consciousness, and life are all manifestations of Kumukahi (One Source). Ho'oponopono teaches how to live responsibly to bring peace and harmony to oneself, the community, and ultimately the world." By Maka'ala Yates, D.C., Doug's original lomilomi teacher.

Love Trumps Grief

This story is a family's unbelievable journey through the depths of despair and living through every parent's worst nightmare, twice. And then out of nowhere, they receive the ultimate gift, sent from above. You will be amazed at their unconditional love, dedication and their fortitude to leave a legacy-that love does trump grief.